Azerbaijan evisa online
Azerbaijan evisa online
Azərbaycan Respublikasının elektron viza sistemi

Azerbaijan Visa Online (e-Visa) Requirements & Fees

All you need to know about the Azerbaijan visa online. How to obtain a visit visa, and what do you need for visa application requirements.

Among six independent Turkish countries, The Republic of Azerbaijan welcomes tourists with open arms. So if you are planning a trip, here is all you need to know before you apply for the Azerbaijan visa online.

This article will help you to learn all the necessary things for entering since most people ask whether it is important to obtain a visit visa for and how to apply for an Azerbaijan e-visa.

Who Needs A Visit Visa For Azerbaijan?

If you belong to one of those countries that do not need a tourist visa for Azerbaijan for business or tourism purposes, you are good to go. Otherwise, you will need to apply for one.

Who Is Allowed To Obtain Azerbaijan e-Visa-On-Arrival?

If you are curious to know about visa-on-arrival requirements, you must see if your country is eligible for obtaining it. However, if it is, you can get one if you manage to show up at the visa section of the Airport. Your Azerbaijan visa will be valid for thirty days.

As far as the nationals of the United States are concerned, they can obtain their visa-on-arrival valid for thirty days if they are traveling on a direct flight, i.e., via Azerbaijan Airlines from Ney York.

Moreover, nationals who meet any of the following conditions are also eligible to get a visa-on-arrival:

  • Specifically, Individuals who have State Migration Service of official invitation letter, or from any other authority of its government.
  • Asian Development Bank staff members and their dependents who hold official invitation letters that are also issued by the Asian Development Bank.
  • Passengers who have a residence permit that is issued by the United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Saudia Arabia, Oman, Qatar, Bahrain are eligible to obtain visa-on-arrival for up to thirty days.

What Is ASAN Visa? – Azerbaijan Electronic Visa

An electronic visa is also called ASAAN or e-visa for Baku. The government recently introduces the program in order to make it easier for tourists while recording their basic data for their trip’s purpose.

You can obtain the Baku visa online from the Apply Here. and it is a must to apply for an ASAN visa three days before you travel. Also, you must be at someplace outside Azeri borders during application processing.

How To Apply For ASAN Visa? – Azerbaijan Visa Online

When applying for Azerbaijan e-visa, you must have to complete the following requirements and upload all the necessary documents:

  • A passport scan.
  • Personal details
  • Debit or Credit card for payments

Moreover, you will have to pay $55 as an e-visa application fee, and $ 95 for urgent case.

Bear in mind that you cannot get a refund in case your visa application gets rejected. Also, you will be paying from MasterCard, Visa, or Union Pay. However, there is no such requirement of the card being under your name.

As a result, if your application is approved, you will receive your e-visa via email within three days. Additionally, you are required to print it and present it at the entry port along with a valid passport.

Azerbaijan Standard Visa – Application Process

Azeri standard visa is given to those who submit visa application at any consulate or Azeri Embassy located in their country.

However, there are three types of Azeri sticker visas that are provided based on the status of the applicant.

  • Diplomatic
  • Service
  • Ordinary

Moreover, there are two kinds of visas based on the applicant’s purpose for entry.

  • Entry
  • Transit

The validation of the entry visa is up to ninety days. It is given as a single entry visa for Azerbaijan that only allows the applicant for one entry-exit during its validity period.

Whereas multiple entry Azeri visa is valid up to two years, and it enables the applicant to enter and exit the country multiple times while it is valid.

A two-entry or single-entry visa enables stateless individuals and foreigners to transit across the country’s borders in order to arrive at another country. A Transit visa, however, is valid for up to thirty days, and the holder can stay in Azerbaijan for about five days.

Foreigners can obtain Azerbaijan standard visa for the following purposes:

  • Business
  • Science and education
  • Labor
  • Tourism
  • Culture and sport
  • Humanitarian
  • Personal travel
  • Treatment

Azerbaijan Visa Requirements

If you are applying for an Azeri sticker visa, the most important aspect is to collect all the required documents and hand them over to the Azeri embassy. These documents will be proving your identity, traveling rights, traveling reasons, and other arrangements regarding your trip.

The documents include:

  • Azerbaijan e visa online application form that you must fill out with proper details. You can also fill it electronically on the official website of the Azeri visa.
  • Your necessary documents such as passport and other travel documents that are at least valid for up to three months or more than your stay in the Republic of Azerbaijan. Since it is required, always remember to keep extra copies of your passport’s main page and all other documents.
  • Two colored passport size photographs that match the requirements of your biometric identification.
  • A copy of your medical insurance certificate.
  • Also, evidence that proves that you have already paid the required visa application fee.
  • Application by the inviting party must be submitted, and that should be already approved by authorities.
  • A copy of the certificate (required for non-governmental organizations)
  • Moreover, you have to submit proof that justifies the invitation’s purpose.

However, these documents are not required for tourism, transit, personal, and official travel visas.

  • Copy of the birth certificate (notarized).
  • A document proving permission to travel from parents or a legitimate representative.
  • Copies of parents’ or legitimate representative’s identification documents.

Tourist Visa Requirements

  • Any evidence that proves the trip is, specifically, for tourism purposes.
  • Evidence of accommodation details such as hotel, relative/family’s house, camping, etc.

Education Visa Requirements

  • Evidence that you have enough funds to pay for all your expenses related to your residence and education while your time in the Republic of Azerbaijan.

Medical Visa Requirements

  • Any kind of proof that explains your medical issue or disease for which you have to travel to the country.

Visit Visa Requirements

  • A copy of the identification document of the inviting party.
  • Proof that explains you have enough funds for covering all your expenses during the trip.
  • A document that certifies that the inviter is a member of the family.

Transit Visa Requirements

  • Copies of your visa that is provided to you by your destination country (if required)
  • Your destination country’s ticket.

Azeri Visa Application Process

When applying for an Azeri visa, you must complete several requirements that are defined by the country’s authorities.

You can submit your visa application, at a minimum, fifteen days before your trip.

You must provide all the necessary documents details as to avoid unwanted troubles during your trip.

Note: if you plan to stay for more than fifteen days, you will have to register at the state migration service.

Here is how you can register yourself:

  • Visit the website for registration:
  • Go to ‘place of stay’ and click to register
  • Choose registration as a physical person.
  • You will see a page that you have to fill in with all your details and attach all the required scanned documents.
  • Upload a mobile captured picture of your passport's page.
  • This is all for applying for an account.
  • Once you are done, you will receive two emails. In the first, you will have to confirm your email address; however, in the second email, you will have to set up your account’s password.
  • Moreover, after completing all the above steps, an ‘address’ tab will appear. Click on the tab. There, your address would appear as ‘pending’ or ‘new.’ However, you will have to wait for a day to see if your address is verified.

Azerbaijan eVisa Restrictions

Keep in mind that because of the conflict between the Government and the Republic of Armenia, the nationals of Armenia, are banned from entering Azeri territory. Also, foreign citizens of Armenian descent or ancestry are not allowed.

Additionally, the Azeri government has strict bans on any visit to the Republic of Nagorno-Karabakh. Therefore, if you have any evidence of such a trip on your passport, you will be banned permanently from entering baku, even if you are an Azeri visa holder.

E-Visa Application Process – How Long Does It Takes?

For the e-visa application process, you basically have two options.

You can apply for a standard visa, or you can apply for an urgent evisa.

However, both of these processes require different processing times. In terms of standard visa application, you will have to wait for one to three business days. So if you have time, you can go for the standard visa application process. But if you are running out of time and need to attend to some matter urgently, you will have to wait for the response for about three to five business hours.

Why Choose Azeri E-Visa?

As we all know, an e-visa is a document that enables you to enter your destination country, but there are some good things about applying for an e-visa.

The application process of e-visa is rather simple. You will just have to input the correct information, pay the visa processing fee, and print the electronic visa that you will receive once your application is approved.

Traditional ways are troublesome to opt for in this digital age, and that is why opting for an e-visa might be the right choice to make. By applying for the Azerbaijan visa online, you will not only save a lot of time but can also enjoy the hassle-free process of attaching documents, filling information, etc.

With a reliable internet connection, you can obtain your e-visa anywhere and anytime. You will not have to make multiple visits to embassies or consulates. Just visit the official website and fill out the application for your Baku visa online in no time.

3 Easy Steps to Follow

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