Azerbaijan Visa Fees (Visa Cost)

Apply for Azerbaijan e-Visa


Azerbaijan is an amazing travel destination for all travelers. Over the last two years, Azerbaijan has experienced an incredible increase. According to surveys, Azerbaijan receives more than 3 million tourists every year. If you are thinking of traveling to Azerbaijan, you must be thinking about the visa fee and other expenses you will confront on your trip to Azerbaijan. The visa fee for Azerbaijan is quite affordable, even if you are forming a third-world country. Such an affordable visa fee makes Azerbaijan one of the most affordable international travel destinations.


Visa cost for Azerbaijan (Baku Visa Fee)

The cost of the Visa to Azerbaijan depends upon the type of visa and the processing time. If you are not in a hurry, it would almost take two or three weeks for your Visa to confirm.


Standard Azerbaijan Visa Fee.

If you can wait for three weeks until your Visa comes, you will be applying for a standard visa. It will not cost you much, only $ 60.00 dollars are enough for your Visa to Azerbaijan. we suggest the standard visa processing option for those planning a summer holiday trip to Baku.


Azerbaijan Urgent visa Fee

I believe that a lot of people are stuck somewhere away from their homelands during this pandemic if you are from Azerbaijan, then you're also waiting to go back to your home. Say if they ease the lockdown, and you need to reach your house within 24 hours, then the super-fast visa processing to Azerbaijan can help you. This  Urgent Visa will cost you almost $ 95.00 dollars, and you can get your Visa to Azerbaijan within six hours. That is more than fantastic.


Do the prices of Visa to Azerbaijan change?

A big no! The cost of a Visa to Azerbaijan is the same for everybody.


So, it is not about nationality. The Visa's worth is the same for each country, and it has nothing to do with your nationality. However, it is the global value of your currency that will decide the expenditure.


What is the validity of the visas?

No matter how fast you got your Visa to Azerbaijan, if it is an e-visa / electronic visa, you can stay for up to 30 days. However, if it is not the e-visa to Azerbaijan, you will have to register properly with Azerbaijan. This procedure will be a bit complex; however, fast processing would cost you ab it more than regular visa processing.


Documents required for a Visa to Azerbaijan.

You do not need a lot of documents to apply for a Visa to Azerbaijan. Your valid passport is enough. These are a few things that should be considered before applying for your passport.


It should stay valid for the next six months.

Your passport photo must be clear.

There should be at least an empty page in your passport for the stamps.


Moreover, to gauge your wealth and financial stability, you will have to send up your bank statement. 


How to apply for the E-visa to Azerbaijan?

Once you are sure that your passport is valid, you should go on to the visa application to apply for a Visa to Azerbaijan. You should do


Fill the form.

Enter the right spellings.

Enter your passport serial number.

Your valid and active E-mail address.

Write a letter

Of course, you can easily travel to Azerbaijan, but you are still supposed to follow the norms. Writing a letter to the authorities is a simple intention clarifying letter. It does not need to be very formal; you can simply tell why your traveling to Azerbaijan is.


For your letter, you will also have to attach a copy of the invitation or approval from the hotels you have reserved for your Azerbaijan stay. This is for private traveling.


If you are traveling for business purposes, then your company has to send you a confirmation letter about your tour, you will attach that with this letter.


Write a short letter.

Do not mention some irrelevant details.

Write about the estimated time of your stay.

Undertake and mention that you will follow the law.


Azerbaijan tourism department is working day in and day out to make it one of the greatest tourist attractions. This is why now traveling to Azerbaijan is quite easy; however, if you are not willing to follow the rules and steps as described by the travel agencies, then you may never reach your desired tourist spot.


As far as Visa's cost to Azerbaijan is concerned, it will cost you almost $ 35 by including all your expenses of copying and printing your documents.