Azerbaijan evisa online
Azerbaijan evisa online
Azərbaycan Respublikasının elektron viza sistemi
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Azerbaijan Visa For US Citizens

If you are a national of the United States and you are planning to visit Azerbaijan, you must be aware of the visa requirements and the process of visa application. There is not much to worry about. However, you must keep in mind a few things. Let’s discuss all the important details regarding Azerbaijan vis for US citizens.

Following are the things you should know before you travel:

Azeri Visit Visa For Americans

Most countries do not require an Azeri tourist visa in order to enter the Republic of Azerbaijan. However, some countries still do, and they have to follow a visa application process. We will discuss the process below.

Visa on Arrival

Have you ever heard of this? If not, no need to worry.

Visa on arrival is basically a visa that you can obtain after you have arrived in a country. Thankfully, Azerbaijan offers a visa on arrival to most countries. You just have to visit the visa section of their international airport and obtain your visa. Also, your visa is valid for up to thirty days. The citizens of the united states traveling to Azerbaijan from New York via Azerbaijan Airlines can acquire a visa on arrival once they are at the entry port.

Additionally, passengers who meet the following conditions are eligible to obtain an Azerbaijan visa on arrival:

  • Individuals who have a residence permit from Oman, Saudia Arab, Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar, United Arab Emirates.
  • The staff of the Asian Development Bank and their dependents having an official invitation letter from ADB.
  • Individuals who have an official invitation letter from Azerbaijan State Migration Service or any other authority of government.


ASAAN Visa – Azeri Electronic Visa for U.S Citizens

Azerbaijan e-visa or ASAAN visa is easier to obtain. The government of Azerbaijan took this initiative to offer travel comfort to the tourists while keeping a record of their general details throughout the visa application processing.

Azerbaijan visa application form is available on their website. You only have to go through a few simple steps to complete your application and pay the visa fee. Moreover, it is a must that you have your ASAAN visa before you travel to Azerbaijan. Also, ensure that you are outside of Azeri territory when filling the visa form.


How To Apply For Azerbaijan E-Visa Or ASAAN Visa?

As an application, you should have the following necessary documents on you to fill out your visa application:

  • A scanned copy of your valid passport.
  • Passport size photograph.
  • Accommodation details of your stay in Azerbaijan.
  • Azerbaijan flight ticket.

Moreover, the fee for visa processing will be $20; however, additional fee service is $3.

The fee is non-refundable. So keep in mind if your visa application is denied, the visa fee will not be refunded. Also, you can pay the fee through debit or credit card or via your PayPal account. The Bank doesn't need to be under your name.

Once the visa application process is done, you will get your visa through the email you provided in your visa form under three business days. Moreover, you should print your e-visa and show the document to the authorities at the entry port of Azerbaijan along with your passport.


Standard Visa For Azerbaijan

Standard visa application processing is a traditional visa processing process where you will have to submit all your documents to an Azeri embassy or consulate.

There are three types of standard Azeri visa. Applicants get the visa based on their status, i.e., ordinary, service, and diplomatic.

Moreover, based on the entry purpose of the applicant, a standard visa has two types:

  • Entry.
  • Transit.

The entry visa has a validity period of up to ninety days, and you can enter one time during its validity period. However, a multiple-entry visa enables you to enter and exit multiple times while it is valid as it is valid for up to two years.

A single entry or dual-entry visa enables stateless individuals and foreigners to transit through the Azeri borders and travel to their destination country.

However, the transit visa is valid for up to thirty days. If you obtain a transit visa, you will be allowed to stay in Azerbaijan for five days.

If you want to get a standard visa for Azerbaijan, the following purposes make you eligible for it:

  • Business
  • Labor
  • Humanitarian
  • Personal travel
  • Tourism
  • Culture and sport
  • Science and education
  • Treatment


What Are The Application Requirements For Azerbaijan Visa?

The process of obtaining an Azerbaijan sticker visa is straightforward and simple. You need to take all your travel documents to a local Azeri consulate or embassy. You will have to prove your identity and state why you are traveling and other required information regarding your trip.

The following documents are necessary to submit with your visa application:

  • A carefully filled visa application form.
  • A valid passport and other required travel documents. Your passport must be valid for more than your stay in the Republic of Azerbaijan. Moreover, it is helpful to keep a bunch of extra scanned copy of your passport’s information page.
  • Colored photographs of passport size that match your biometric identification.
  • A copy of your medical insurance certificate.
  • Moreover, you must show evidence that you have paid the application fee.
  • If someone had invited you to Azerbaijan, submit that application along with other documents, the authorities will analyze it and approve it accordingly.
  • Proof that justifies your trip’s purpose.

Nevertheless, for transit, personal, official, and tourism visas, few of the documents mentioned above are unnecessary.


If a passenger is eighteen years or younger and traveling without a guardian or parents, they must submit the following documents:

  • A copy of your notarized birth certificate.
  • A permission slip from parents or a guardian.
  • Copy of identification documents of their parents or guardian.


Note: if you are transitting through the Republic of Azerbaijan, you do not need a visa (only if you stay within the airport). However, if you wish to enter the country, you will need to obtain a visa prior to your visit.