Azerbaijan evisa online
Azerbaijan evisa online
Azərbaycan Respublikasının elektron viza sistemi
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Baku Visa for Pakistan

Baku became an attractive destination for Pakistani Visitors. Earlier getting a Baku visa was a difficult task for Pakistani citizens, but the government of Azerbaijan has started giving Baku an e-visa in May 2017. As a result, nationals from about ninety countries can obtain Baku e-visa. Luckily, Baku Visa for Pakistani is easy to apply for. Electronic visa processing has made the process quite easier and straightforward. Still, there are a bunch of requirements that every applicant must meet. So, if you are set to get your e-visa, here is what you must know. The Process To Apply For Baku Visa From Pakistan is very easy. 

Here are the visa application requirements according to different types of visas:

Baku Visa Requirements For Pakistani Passport Holders

You are also required to submit some of your details while applying for your e-visa. The Baku visa requirements for Pakistani Passport holders are following:

  • Scanned copy of Pakistani Passport.
  • A valid Email Address
  • Fill out the online application.

The validity of Azerbaijan visa for Pakistan.

  • The Azerbaijan visa for Pakistan is valid for 90 days from the date of issue.

How to Apply for a Baku visa from Pakistan?

  • If you are applying for an online visa for the first time or every time, you have to visit the website. Go to the online visa application tab, select your country, i.e., Pakistan, select an ordinary passport, and click proceed.

Azerbaijan Visa for Pakistan (Business purposes)

Online visa application requires:

  • Keep a scanned copy of your passport.
  • Also, a scanned passport-sized photograph.
  • Visit the website to fill out a visa application for Baku.

How many days I can stay in Baku with e Visa?

  • however, Baku E-visa holders can stay up to 30 days on each of their visits.

How to apply for an online Baku business visa?

  • If this is your first visit, in order to obtain an online visa, you must visit the website. Now open the tab that says ‘Application,’ select your country and choose an ordinary passport, and then click proceed for.


Key Information About Baku Visa For Pakistani Citizens

Visa Type


The validity of Passport

06 Months

Photograph Size

Passport Scanned Copy

Processing Time

3 Days

Baku Visa Fees for Pakistan                   


Please Note Azerbaijan tourist visa fees for citizens of Pakistan are also the same as other eligible countries.


Once the application is submitted, the applicants will receive their online Azeri visas within three working days.

  • The e-visa application can be created for individuals, families (at least two and a maximum of ten people), and also for a tourist group (at least ten and a maximum of three hundred people).
  • Moreover, the required documents for the visa must be entered into the system directly.
  • Also, the visa fee must be paid electronically through the system.
  • However, the applicants will receive their e-visa via the email they have provided with the application.

Requirements for Traveling to Baku 

Apart from eligibility, you must also have some necessary documents available at hand. However, if you are ready to apply, here are some general requirements you must consider:

  • Also, a scan of your passport page displays your personal information.

You must also provide a valid email address along with other details. You will be informed about your visa application through that email. Otherwise, you will not be able to receive your approved visa. Additionally, your passport must be valid for a minimum of three months when you apply. If it is not, your visa application will be rejected. However, you can renew your visa and re-apply.